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A Plant-Based Lifestyle

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

By Guest Author: Denise Balistrieri, owner of Pflurish PBK

Hello! I am Denise Balistrieri, owner of Pflurish PBK (Plant Based Kitchen). Carleen and I are former team members that worked together in a medical facility. We share a passion for wellness as well as a strong desire to assist others on their wellness journeys. Carleen chose to focus on the physical aspect of wellness and is an expert in her field. I chose to focus on the nutritional aspect of wellness and have pursued continuing education in whole food plant-based (WFPB) nutrition and cooking techniques. Carleen invited me to share with you more about the whole food plant-based lifestyle.

There has been recent surge in plant-based products on the market in response to public demand for more vegan or plant-based food options due to the many health benefits. The choice to pursue a plant forward lifestyle is very individual. Some of those reasons include reducing a personal footprint on the planet, weight management, reduction of animal consumption to improve one’s health. My reason was health related. I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in 2018. By following a WFPB lifestyle, I was able to “reverse” my disease and I am currently medication free!

Americans live to eat we don’t eat to live. Our SAD (Standard American Diet) has lead to an alarming increase in chronic diseases such as pre-diabetes, T2D, Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), Cancer, High Cholesterol, Chronic Kidney Disease, Fatty Liver Disease, Obesity, PCOS, Peripheral Neuropathy and more! FACT! Any one of these chronic diseases can be prevented, controlled or even reversed by increasing the amount of plants one consumes regularly!! Scientific studies indicate that by decreasing one’s intake of dairy, eggs, meat, poultry, refined sugars, oils and highly processed foods is beneficial to an individual’s health! Even replacing just one meal per week with a plant forward focus has been shown to have a positive impact on one’s health! Wow! Amazing!

My goals as Pflurish PBK are to provide inspiration, education, resources, tips, techniques, recipes, introduction to new/unusual ingredients and especially humor in my efforts to support others on their lifestyle journeys! I love to eat! I love to cook! I love to try new recipes!

Do I know everything about this lifestyle? NO!

Has it been a challenge? Yes.

Have I been perfect? NO!!!

Do I feel better? Yes!!!

Do I keep trying to improve? YES!!!

Some tips I’d like to share as you consider a more plant forward approach to food:

  1. Think of this as a lifestyle change and an adventure.

  2. Be open to new flavors and try not to expect the foods to “taste like chicken”!

  3. Everyone’s journey is different. Some choose a gradual change and some just dive in all the way!

  4. Be kind to yourself. There is a learning curve and some recipes you may not like!

  5. Keep a sense of humor!

So join me in this journey! Lets have some fun as we become healthier versions of ourselves! Nourish 2 Pflurish!

Thank you, Carleen for allowing me to share my passion for the plant-based lifestyle with you and your followers!

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Disclaimer: I am not a dietitian, nor will I diagnose anyone. IMPORTANT! If you or a family member should decide to adopt a more plant forward lifestyle and are taking ANY type of medication, it is IMPERATIVE that you involve your healthcare provider in your decision to do so! Many medications will function VERY DIFFERENTLY with changes to your diet and you may need to have your healthcare provider change your dosage as your body chemistry changes.


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