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Diamond Legacy Equestrian Center

Our studio is located at Diamond Legacy Equestrian Center owned by Carleen's parents, Bob and Debbie.

The original barn was built in 1844 across the street from it's current location. Years after it was built, the owner decided to relocate the barn to its current location. He hand sawed the barn from it's foundation and all of the children from the area took off school to watch the spectacle!

Years later it was raised up and a concrete block foundation was added to construct the lower portion of the barn that now houses the horse stalls. Through the years, the barn has undergone numerous additions and has been used for many different types of farming including a dairy farm, Saddlebred Equestrian Center, and more. 

Diamond Legacy Equestrian Center is now home to Empower Wellness and Rehabilitation as well as privately boarded horses. 

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