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Writing Affirmations: 5 Easy Tips

By Special Guest, Michelle Lillicrap OTR/L

In Feng Shui, writing affirmations is the first step before making any changes in your home. Setting intentions and getting crystal clear on your goals is the foundation to creating positive change.

Energy flows where you focus your attention.

We all have limiting beliefs and if we don’t keep them in check then we stay in a perpetual state of the opposite of where we wish we could be.

It is important to remember that the unconscious mind accepts thoughts and actual events both as reality. Our bodies and our subconscious minds cannot tell the difference.

If you are having thoughts like “I am bad with money.”, “I am always tired.”, or “I am sick of not being appreciated.” Then debt, scarcity and low energy are what you are attracting and what you will experience.

If you are wanting more abundance or better health in your life, try affirmations like “I am so grateful I have everything I need.” Or “I am healthy and full of energy and vitality.”

What areas of your life seems to have persistent difficulties? What is your intention for your home? How do you want it to align with your values?

Follow these 5 easy tips while writing your affirmations:

1) Take a few minutes and write down your common limiting beliefs about yourself.

2) Now create an opposite/positive statement.

3) Write it in the present tense- a powerful “I am” statement. (As if it has already happened.)

4) Connect your affirmations and intentions with your home. (see Bagua Map)

5) Repeat it often.

When verbally stating your affirmations, they are best to be repeated during times when you are naturally going into a slight hypnotic state (think washing dishes, running on a treadmill, or any activity where you go on autopilot).

You can use these times to your advantage by stating your affirmations over and over. When you write them down and repeat while in these trance-like states, you will see how easily and quickly they will manifest.

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