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Quick and Delish Weeknight Meal: Grilled Chicken Caprese (and it's Gluten-Free!)

Updated: May 26, 2023

By: Carleen Saeger, M.S, OTR/L, Wellness and Endurance Coach, RYT

You guys, I have to share this recipe I found from This turned out so well!! Even all of our 5 kids enjoyed it (...basically a miracle)!

I chose to bake the chicken vs grill (air fryer would have been another great option!).

I made the balsamic glaze ahead of time for a brussel sprout dish I made for Thanksgiving. It has kept well in the fridge! I added the glaze on the side in case the kids didn’t care for it.

For the family members that don’t care for tomato, this can easily be left off some of the chicken breasts.

Overall, this dish ended up being a crowd pleaser and a great option to jazz up an otherwise simple chicken breast for a quick and easy weeknight meal! (Just make sure to prepare the glaze ahead of time or purchase premade glaze - found next to the regular balsamic at the store ).

Mom tip: Make extra mozzarella (I baked some extra on parchment paper on the side)… the kids loved it!

Thank you to ChefSavvy for this delish recipe that my entire family has enjoyed!


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