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Kitchen Feng Shui Tips

By Special Guest Michelle Lillicrap, OTR/L

Here at Dwellness, I specialize in creating home sanctuaries for healing. So in the next few posts I am going to provide Feng Shui tips for the 3 most important areas of the home to facilitate healing:

- Kitchen

- Center of the home - Bedroom

The Kitchen -Keep clutter free -Calming yin colors (avoid red or orange as there is already too much of the fire element in the kitchen) -Fruit bowl (encourages not only you but your kiddos to grab and go) -Fresh flowers -Plants/herb garden -Always keep stove clean -No hanging pot racks (if you do have and love it, then try to decrease the amount of items hanging) -No knives on the countertop or in view -Nothing on the fridge (If this is tough for you mamas, then keep it at a maximum of 3 items) -The sink (water) and stove (fire) should not be directly across from each other. (Mine is! So I remedy with the wood element or (anything green) Something as simple as a green tea towel or rug in between.

These are general recommendations and remember to reach out if you think you may be ready to tap into your home’s specific energies which will provide more in depth recommendations! I’m offering half off home consultations for the rest of the month for Empower VIP members!


Feel free to reach out to Michelle directly and follow her here

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