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Yoga At Home: Summer Edition

Yoga At Home: Summer Edition

High Crescent Lunge

This pose strengthens and balances your body, opens your hips and chest, and centers your mind. Try it outside and reach up towards the sky!

You can enter this pose from a variety of different positions. Here you’ll learn to enter it from downward facing dog.

- Start in downward facing dog.

- Step one foot forward between your hands into a lunge position

- Align front knee over front ankle

- Remain up on back toes, keeping your leg long and strong…actively supporting your body

- Ground down through front foot as you slowly reach arms forward and up overhead, maintaining length in your spine

- Draw your navel back toward your spine and lengthen your tailbone down

- Reach fingertips up towards the sky and gaze softly over your hands at the clouds

- Press your shoulders down away from your ears

- Draw your front knee towards the outer edge of your mat so your knee doesn’t collapse inward

- Continue to breathe evenly in and out through your nose as you adjust and maintain the pose. Inhale to open and expand. Exhale to deepen and find strength. Cycle through 3-5 breaths.

To exit the pose:

- Slowly hinge forward at your hips, lowering your body down with a long spine

- Return your hands to the mat on either side of your front foot.

- Step front foot back to plank pose

- Press back into downward facing dog

- Repeat with the opposite side.

As always, feel free to explore this posture in ways that feel good for your body and your mind. Every pose has many variations and props that can be used to find a good fit between your body and the pose.

If you don’t have time now to try High Crescent Lunge, save this post to try later!


Namaste, Carleen

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