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The Importance of Energy Flow

By Special Guest, Michelle Lillicrap, OTR/L

Signs of blocked chi or energy flow: -Clutter/dust -Irritability/anxiety/depression -Arguments -Pain -Dark areas of home -Feeling stuck -Constantly seeking ways to improve your life -Low energy/boredom/procrastination -Health fluctuations -Financial struggles

Signs of flowing chi or energy: -Happy/content/at ease -Creative -Feeling grateful -Natural light -Good relationship with self and others -Laughter/joy -Life feels like it is flowing well -Good health -A sense of wonder and curiosity about life Healthy relationship with money

So what are the best ways to get that stuck energy moving?! -Clear clutter -Let in as much natural light as possible -Open windows and doors 5-10 minutes a day -Clean: stuck/stagnant energy likes to accumulate in the CORNERS of rooms- wipe down and keep clean -Sound moves energy! Uplifting music, chimes, singing bowls, drum, sing, chant. -Reposition furniture! -Bring in nature (at least 1 plant for every room) -Space clear with palo santo or rose spray

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