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Introduction to Feng Shui

By Carleen Saeger, M/S, OTR/L & Special Guest Blogger, Michelle Lillicrap OTR/L

I am so excited!! Today, I'm bringing you a very special guest! Meet Michelle Lillicrap! She is an occupational therapist (like me!!) with a very unique speciality in Feng Shui. She will be sharing some incredible information with us over the coming weeks!!

We connected in a facebook group which turned into her creating an incredibly detailed Feng Shui report for the Empower Studio! Every design element I have brought into the space has been guided by her report!

I wanted to create a healing space with positive energy and was looking for as much guidance as possible! I love what she has created for my space and I can't wait for her to share more information about Feng Shui with you all!

If you'd like to connect with her, head over to her instagram page here:

"When Carleen reached out for me to do a Feng Shui consultation for Empower, I was so excited! Like Carleen, I am an occupational therapist and my specialty is creating sacred spaces in people’s homes to help facilitate healing.

When she told me about her studio and the amazing services she is providing in that space, I was honored to be of assistance in creating a space that embodies healing, rejuvenation and empowerment!

The goal was to tap into the building’s energy and enhance it as best we could to create the most healing environment for all who enter. What an amazing property and structure that has so much history in which the building itself has had many iterations.

I had so much fun working on her studio and the absolute coolest thing is these consultations can be done virtually! I am hoping to get out to Empower in person for a visit. What an incredible place!

What is Feng Shui?

Have you ever walked into a home or building and instantly got a “feeling” about the place? Or how do you describe that feeling of when you deep clean your home and clear everything off the kitchen counter for the first time in months? It lifts your mood, doesn’t it? We are all receptive to energy dynamics everywhere we go but are mostly unaware of it.

Feng Shui is an ancient practice (over 4,000 years old!) that literally means “wind and water”.

It is believed that wind and water carry Ch’i or the energy of life.

Not only do each of us carry an energetic blueprint based on the moment of our first breath, but every home and building also has an energetic blueprint based on compass direction and the construction year or the last time the sun’s light/energy hit the ground before the roof was closed.

It is thought this is what sets the pattern of energy flow in the building from that moment on.

Every structure holds permanent positive and negative energies and with Feng Shui we also analyze the annual (yearly) energies.

Once we determine the building “horoscope” we see how supportive the space is for the inhabitant.

The beautiful thing about Feng Shui is there is almost always a remedy to balance these energies in order to create harmony and the most supportive environment.

5 Elements To Balance Energy

The way to balance these energies is by looking to nature and strategically placing the 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. We lay a Bagua map (9 squares) over the floor plan and each square represents an area of a person’s life based on the directions they fall in:

-Wealth & Prosperity -Health & Family -Love & Relationships -Children & Creativity -Helpful People & Travel -Career & Life’s Journey -Knowledge & Self-Cultivation -Reputation & How you Shine your Light with the world

Stay tuned to learn more!

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