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Declutter: Make Room For What Matters

By Special Guest: Michelle Lillicrap, OTR/L Hi! I’m Michelle from Dwellness Home Services. I am so excited and honored to be invited as an Empower guest blogger for the next few weeks! Are you ready to make your home a place that gives you a big hug when you walk in the door? A place that supports your every goal in life?

At Dwellness, I specialize in creating home sanctuaries for healing, love, peace and harmony. I believe our health and happiness starts at home!

In order to get what you want you MUST create space for it! So decluttering is always the best place to begin. In Feng Shui, it is believed your environment is a direct reflection of what is going on on the inside.

I am going to begin with a decluttering series for your external environment as well as your internal (mind, body and spirit).

Then we will move on to actual Feng Shui tips to create your home sanctuary! Please jump in and ask questions along the way. I am excited to get to know this amazing community better!

Where To Begin?!

I invite you to leave your home. Stand outside and take a few deep breaths. Once you feel centered and grounded, walk through your front door and with fresh eyes (pretend you are just a visitor) and as you move through your home ask yourself the following questions:

What do I see? How do I feel? What feels good? What areas bother me? What doesn’t feel good? Are there parts of my home I tend to avoid? Let’s start there!

Now, go on and find 3 boxes.

In our consumerist culture there is an epidemic of clutter in American households. We all have it.

Energy cannot flow freely with clutter. Remember, this is a no judgment space and you must be compassionate and kind to yourself during this process.

Allow emotions to come up and move through them. Cry if you have to! There are emotional ties to everything we keep.

The beautiful thing about decluttering is the results are instantaneous. I think everyone can agree on how amazing it feels when you do a big clean sweep through the living room or the minute you drop off a carload of bags at Goodwill.

Being surrounded with less stuff makes us feel lighter and more energized.

Clutter is simply stuck, dense energy.

In Feng Shui, we look at the areas of the home that have a build up of clutter and it is mind blowing the truths this can reveal. Clutter accumulating in the SW area of the home? How’s the marriage doing? And the North? Oh you are feeling disorganized and unfocused at work! And so on...

Now open up all the windows and let the light in! And let’s get started!

3 boxes: Keep Donate Unsure

- One room at a time - Set a timer 20-30 min max (don’t get overwhelmed) - Turn on some music- make it fun!

Literally pick up and hold each object and ask yourself: - Do I need it? - Do I use it? - Do I love it?

If you are still unsure about an item simply ask yourself why you have it and what emotions does it evoke? Every object we own affects us in some way.

Keeping something only because it was a gift or you feel like you “have to” for some reason? That’s only going to add weight to your life. Hold it, thank it, and let it go if it is no longer serving you.

Good luck! I am here if you need any assistance!

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